print control

client: BWA Dizajn
project: 2016
implementation: February 2017
location: Wroclaw
photos: Alicja Kielan, Edki

scope: exhibition arrangement, designs of exhibition elements, author's supervision

Design of an exhibition arrangement as part of the annual New Year's Resolutions event at the BWA Dizajn Gallery in Wrocław. Part of the exhibition concerned the promotion of the most interesting Polish printed projects published in the new, 5th issue of print control (30 posters and 60 publications). Our task was to display books and posters. The basis for the arrangement was a grid, which was a modular base for the designed elements, which covered the walls and the floor. The presentation of posters on the walls was abandoned in favor of a hanging gallery, which with its layout and additional slides created interesting frames. The books were arranged on modular blocks forming a labyrinth. In the entrance hall to the BWA Dizajn Gallery, a magnetic wall was created with geometric patterns of magnets, from which you could create your own graphic compositions.