client: Copernicus Science Centre
project: 2019
implementation: 2019
location: Pavilion 505 at the Copernicus Science Centre
curator: Marcin Szczelina / Architecture Snob
Copernicus Science Centre: Iwona Kamińska, Przemysław Zembura
photos: Bartek Barczyk, pigalopus

- architecture - arrangement of the exhibition, designs of exhibition elements, author's supervision
- graphics - graphic design of the event, visual identification, poster, invitation, leaflet, animations in public transport
(cooperation with Kajetan Jasztal)

The Osśmieceni exhibition is a commentary on eight aspects of everyday waste production in the world and in Poland. The infamous heroes of individual zones are, among others: landfills, plastic, smog, disposable items, food or electronic waste. The architecture of the exhibition is based on recycled materials or waste from factories producing plastic PET bottles. The language of the graphic design consists of animated shapes creating interpenetrating garbage.