browar Ukiel

client: Ukiel brewery
project: 2017
implementation: 2019
location: Olsztyn

- architecture - interior: conceptual design, executive design, author's supervision
- graphics - logotype, visual identification, packaging and label designs, website

The brewery got its name thanks to its location at Lake Ukiel in Olsztyn. Our scope of work is not only the interior of a tasting room - a beer house, but also visual identification with a logotype and labels. The leitmotif is a horizontal colorful line that is intertwined in the arrangement of the premises and refers to the visual identification of the brewery. The terrazzo floor is a material complement to the interior, dominated by a concrete ceiling and a brick wall.

The logotype of the brewery is a delicate reference to the surroundings in which it is located, but without the literal use of elements related to the nearby nature. It is based on a circular plan, with a graphic interpretation of the view of the lake. The calm surface of the lake was built of lines and dots arranged in various sequences that emphasize the inscription "ukel" above them.